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Greetings hungry readers! Welcome to the Free Lunch Comics’ Web Site. Here at Free Lunch, we serve up a cornucopia of products to satisfy any appetite.

After 10 years of publishing Bigger and Dungeon Downloads, Free Lunch Comics has expanded its menu dramatically. We have brought in a throng of comic creating chefs, all looking to show off their various dishes.

The Adventures of Will Rison continue in three huge helpings of BIGGER! Bigger Blow Up expands the origin and first adventure of Will Rison. Will he be able to repair his relationship with Weez? And can he keep his growth spurts under control? Bigger: Tempting Miss Teri introduces Will's archnemesis in over 120 pages of action, humor, and high school hijinks. Bigger: Working Stiff chronicles Will Rison's attempt to achieve every high schooler's dream: Owning a Car! But he has to get a job to raise the funds. Work up your appetite by following Will's adventures tackling the job market!

Want to set your own table for gaming? Dungeon Downloads provides you with over 30+ pre-cooked printable terrains, props, and setting for your miniature gaming needs. Print them on your own cardstock as many times as you want! Don’t slave for hours gluing and painting your terrain, have it prepared in minutes. Available in a convenient CD package for a very reasonable price.

Next up on the menu is Only in Whispers. Your host, Mr. Quiet serves up a sampling of supernatural stories cooked by a diverse team of creators from the East Coast. Artists Matt Ryan, Stephanie O’Donnell, Anthony Summey join writer/artist Andy Pollock, and writer/editor Steve Kanaras in offering four creepy tales of suspense. Cover Artist Phil Hester adds the perfect presentation to this satisfying entrée.

Get ready for a rip-roaring, high-flying adventure with Sky Pirates of Valendor! This mini-series is the brainchild of Everett and Susan Soares, and runner up in Dimestore Productions Small Press Idol contest. If your tastes run to the exotic, there is nothing better in comics today than the World of Valendor. Discover elves, dwarves, ogres, and of course, Flying Pirate Ships!

Come back to the wagon for a side dish of Pork & Beans! Steve Kanaras, Darcy Naylor & Matt Ryan team up with stars of the book Darcy, Leila, and Mike for a delectable romp. Norman the Pig tries to keep the Beans in line as Darcy embarks on her quest to find a Penguin, Leila makes a furry friend, and Mike decodes the mysteries of HTML! Have your fill of Pork & Beans!

Get ready for a tasty treat with Norman Katz. Norman presents some of the hottest dishes in the Galaxy. His beautiful rendering of women, angels, demons, and aliens will leave you salivating. A new portfolio of cheesecake art will be available soon.

From the world of Willie Rison and Bigger comes Valhallarie! Matt Ryan’s Nordic heroine discovers modern life, technology, and the joys of bubble gum. Delicious
fun for the whole family!

And after you’ve digested all this, join Free Lunch Comics and creator Shawnti Therrien for a midnight snack of Am I Immortal! Enjoy this gothic fairy tale by candlelight. What secrets will be revealed in the inaugural issue entitled,
The Mindbreaker?

Come back to the site for the freshest and most satisfying comics around from Free Lunch Comics!